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Fun with Clifford – Preschool Lesson Plan Ideas

Fun with Clifford – Preschool Lesson Plan Ideas

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Help your preschooler learn and develop several early learning concepts using any Clifford story.  These ideas also work well with an educator or parent focusing on the letter “C.”

Book: Clifford by Norman Bridwell (*You can use ANY Clifford story with these plans.) 

Target Audience: Pre-K – 2nd grade

Review: Clifford is lovable and larger than life. Inspire your child’s imagination with Clifford, as he/she dreams of what could be. Clifford books are great for younger learners, as the pages contain a small amount of text and fun illustrations.

I used this book in my “Letter C” week lesson plans.

Clifford Lesson Plan Ideas

1. Read the Bookclifford book cover

Read the story you’ve selected one time through for enjoyment. Clifford illustrations are especially fun to look at. Don’t rush through. Let your child soak in all of the fun – as they imagine what it might be like to have a big red dog of their own!


2. Clifford’s Bones

Develop early math and fine motor skills in this fun early learning game I developed.

Clifford dice game

Learning Targets:

  • Learn to count dots on a die. *Work on quick recognition w/o physically touch-counting when ready!
  • Learn that numbers can be represented in different ways.
  • Gain an understanding of one-to-one correspondence (each dot represents one number)
  • Develop fine motor skills

To Play:

1. Print out the worksheet I developed.

2. Roll the die. Color in the number of bones that you rolled. For example, if you roll a four, color in four bones.

For bonus learning opportunities, talk about color as you play. Ask your child to select certain colors, or have him/her name the color they choose. You could also mix it up by asking your child to draw stripes, dots, or other designs on the bones.


3. BIG Things

Create a list of things that are BIG! Let your child lead the discussion, prompting only as necessary.

*If you have a whiteboard or large sheet of white paper, it’s wonderful to write as they come up with ideas. Modeling good writing is important for young children!


4. Edible Bones

These fun little snacks are the perfect accompaniment to any Clifford story. Your little ones will have so much fun helping you make (and eat!) these edible bones!

You’ll Need:

  • pretzel sticks
  • mini marshmallows
  • white chocolate chips or vanilla candy melts/almond bark

1. Construct the “bones” by placing a mini marshmallow on either end of a pretzel stick.

edible bone recipe


2. Melt the coating in the microwave. I microwaved a small amount of vanilla candy melts for one minute at a time, stirring after each minute.

3. Coat the pretzel bones with the melted chocolate/candy melts.

4. Place the coated bones on a cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray, and refrigerate until the coating has hardened.

5. Eat and enjoy!!

edible bones


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