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Caps For Sale – Preschool Lesson Plan Ideas

Caps For Sale – Preschool Lesson Plan Ideas

*This post contains an affiliate link.Your book purchases help support my family. Thank you!

Help your preschooler learn and develop several early learning concepts using the classic book Caps for Sale.  These ideas also work well with an educator or parent focusing on the letter “C.”

Book: Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

Target Audience: Pre-K – 2nd grade

Review: The cap peddler wanders through town, his colorful caps stacked on top of his head. After an unsuccessful morning, he stops to rest. What happens next makes this story a favorite with young children. This classic story is funny and charming, and is a wonderful vehicle for learning and activity.

Use this book to discuss colors, monkeys, sales, money, resolving difficult situations, problem solving, and more!

I used this book in my “Letter C” week lesson plans.

 Caps For Sale

1. Read the Book

caps for sale

Read the book one time through for enjoyment! Laugh at the silly monkey. Marvel at the way the man carries his caps on his head. Sit back and let your child soak in the magic on the pages.

As you read the story to your child, I find that it’s fun to become “animated” and mimic the actions of the peddler as he interacts with the monkeys. Shake your fists, stomp your feet, and raise your voice. Your child is likely to join in – only cementing that books are invitations  to the reader!! Become a part of the story, and help it come alive for your child. They’ll love it!


2.Cap Count

Continue the cap fun with this basic addition worksheet I developed.

boy doing worksheet

Learning Targets:

  • Gain a basic understanding of beginning addition
  • Gain an understanding of one to one correspondence
  • Be able to count objects
  • Numeral writing/number recognition

1. Print out the Cap Count printable

2. Help your child count the caps.

3. Re-phrase the caps as number sentence for your child. (Ie – Great work. You counted 2 caps on this side, and 1 cap on this side. 2 caps plus 1 cap equals 3 caps in all.)

4. Help your child write the correct number on the sum line. Using hand over hand works well with younger learners.  You may also write the number and allow your child to trace it.

*The point of this worksheet is less about writing, and more about gaining a familiarity with addition and basic number sentences. Your child is working on counting too!


3. Monkey Masks

First Palette had an adorable printable monkey mask on their site. I thought it would be a fun craft to incorporate with our study of the book Caps For Sale.

girl with monkey mask

1. Print the monkey mask.

2. Allow your child to develop their fine motor skills by coloring.

3. Cut out the mask and let your little monkeys have fun!

*The story Caps for Sale lends itself really well to play-acting. Have some fun with your children. Take turns being the peddler and the monkeys!


4. ___AP Family

cap (2 of 6)

Older children can create a list of ___ap words. Talk to your kids about word families. Once you are able to read an ending like __ap, you are able to read a whole list of words!


5. Find the C’s

We continued our work on the letter C, by using this fun worksheet I developed.

To Play:

1. Print the Find the C’s worksheet.

2. Have your child draw a circle around each C that he/she can find.

For bonus learning, talk about the circle shape. Your child is getting a lot of practice drawing circles as he/she works. You can also talk about colors. Have your child switch crayons each time he/she finds a C, and talk about the color he/she selects.


6. Balance the Caps

Become a part of the story by playing this fun balancing game. *Be sure to have a camera or your phone handy, as this creates some great photo opps!

cap (5 of 6)

Learning Targets:

  • Books are fun and engaging. I can be part of the story.
  • Develop balance

To Play:

1. Gather all of the “caps” you can find. *We used baseball caps for our game.

2. Take turns stacking the caps on top of each child’s head, and letting them see how far they can walk without the caps toppling over.

Your kids will think this simple game is so much fun!

Have fun reading and working with your kids this week! You can ALWAYS learn with books!!

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